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Rock CavernsGjovik olympic hall The topographical conditions in Norway have made it natural for the Norwegians to develop and use rock caverns for a large number of purposes. Through highly developed technology both in design and construction, these rock installations are now economically competitive compared to surface installations.

Norway has a large number of caverns and installations in rock for a wide variety of purposes; including storage of oil products in unlined or lined caverns, hydropower plants, water treatment plants, subway stations, aircraft hangars, military and civil defence installations, underground car parking, indoor sports facilities, caverns for conventional or cold storage etc.

This has developed a special expertise in advanced underground construction and rock excavation techniques, especially with regard to methods for smooth blasting and control of blasting vibrations in built-up areas. Great emphasis is laid on avoiding unnecessary damage to the rock mass by blasting

Sports facilities in rock

Jan Anton Rygh has been an advocate for sub surface space for decades. He has participated in all major rock cavern projects in Norway. The presentation is a summary of types of sports facilities located in rock caverns, as well as experiences of owners and users of the facilities.

Presentation given by Jan Anton Rygh.