Inner lining of tunnels. An analysis of different systems

A long lifetime and a high availability are of very high importance for modern tunnels.
In this respect, the choice of the inner lining concept plays an important role.

The enclosed paper describes and compares both the Norwegian precast concrete elements concept and the cast-in-place concrete lining system – which is the standard solution for inner lining, e.g., in Switzerland – showing that the cast-in-place solution is a valuable alternative.

The paper has been prepared by Dr. Marco Ramoni and Jürg Matter of the Swiss company Basler & Hofmann – an independent engineering, planning and consulting company with specialists from over 30 disciplines (
Dr. Marco Ramoni (Director Railway Tunnels to the left) and Jürg Matter (Technical Director Transportation International) are experienced tunnelling engineers which are involved in many major tunnelling projects in Switzerland and in the world. For example they have been involved in the Norwegian projects Follobanen Tunnel (Oslo) and Ulriken Tunnel (Bergen). Both authors have their academic background with Diplomas from ETH (ETH M.Sc). Dr.Ramoni also teaches underground construction at the Zürich University – ZHAW