NFF activities 2015. A summary

The annual NFF Fall Conference took place on 26. November 2015. The conference, an annual major event since 1963, has established a number of “sames”. The first presentation after lunch is always a 15 minute report on the NFF activities during the year, presented by the leader of the Information Committee, Kathrine Kalager. Varsku Her presents a summary of her presentation.

Kathrine is one of the NFF board directors, academic background Cand.Scient from Oslo University, employed by the National Rail Administration, now Project Director Follo line project, TBM contract.

Norsk Forening for Fjellsprengningsteknikk, literally translated would be ”The Norwegian Society for Rock Blasting Technology”. The scope of activities is in fact most aspects of both surface and underground rock engineering technology, attracting members accordingly, today some 1100.

Strategy. The Society is a registered unit with Articles, Board etc. The Articles of Association, internal policy documents are the basis for a Strategy that is updated when needed. Those documents are the guidelines for the ongoing activities, controlled by financial and technical Auditors that report to the General Assembly.

Tunnel statistics 2015
The Society has presented tunnel Statistics since 1971.
The gross excavated tunnel quantity for 2015 is 7.09 mill sm3, a new all-time-high . This year tunnel excavation is dominated by road tunnels. The two contractors with largest turnover, Veidekke ASA and Skanska Norway AS, were this year also the largest in the tunnel market. Figures from mining or surface rock excavation were not available at this time (early December).

NFF statistikk 2015

Most of the NFF activities are organized through seven standing committees covering Economy, International activities, Technology, Arrangements, Rock blasting/Shotfiring, Information, Culture. Most committees are headed by one of the Board Directors, supported by the NFF Secretary General or the Secretary handling events.
NFF strcture

Activities and output 2015
-Release of Technical Report 15 concerning TBM
– Rock blasting training course, Sandefjord
– Tunnel days, Stavanger
– Rock mass grouting, Sandefjord
– Release of Handbook 09 on Underground work environment
– Release Publication 23. Health, Safety and Environment
– “Theme Day”, Oslo. International contribution in Norway
– NFF General Assembly-
– Rock mass grouting, Oslo airport area (Gardermoen)
– ITA Dubrovnik participation
– Dubrovnic Exhibition
– Young Members 1st General Assembly
– General Assembly NFSM (Rock Blasting Museum Lillehammer)
Summer Holidays for some, hectic activity for others
– International Forum, Oslo
– EVU*. Rock Mechanics for Site Managers. Trondheim
– EVU. Rock Mechanics for Site Managers. Sandefjord
– The Fall conference. Two days in cooperation with the sisters NGF and NBG (Geotechnique and Rock Mechanics)
*EVU = post studies training(earning qualifying points)

ITA General Assembly and WTC2017 in Norway
Will take place in Bergen on the west coast, 9. to 16.June 2017. Planning is on schedule, organized by a special NFF unit in cooperation with a selected PCO. Ongoing tunneling activities in abundance ease the planning of technical excursions or also touristic excursions, culture/mountaineering/climbing/extreme sports.
Pls. see for further information or registration

A rare winternight in Bergen

NFF is active within ITA-AITES, represented in the Board, several working groups and Young Members.
For blasting technic and explosives NFF takes part in EFEE, the European Federation of Explosives Engineers.

Young members of NFF on site visit