About NFF

The NFF work with home pages started some ten years ago. Two years back the Society switched to a new technical platform. Last year (2007),the Norwegian version was once more upgraded. Earlier this year (2008) NFF decided for a modification also for the English language version. The intention is to improve information exchange, that is – in addition to general technical information – to bring more information on the NFF activities in general.

First about the name of the society:  In domestic language “Norsk Forening for Fjellsprengningsteknikk“. Literally translated the name in English would be “Norwegian Society for Rock Blasting Technique”. However, we call ourselves the “Norwegian Tunnelling Society”.

Anyway, all above mentioned names are slightly misleading. The society covers in fact heavy construction with focus on national and international surface and underground engineering, from A to Z. For those closer connected to the Society the acronym NFF is the commonly used name.