Publication 25

Norwegian Rock Caverns
The present publication, No. 25 in the English language series from the Norwegian Tunnelling Society NFF, has – as always – the intention of sharing with international colleagues and friends the latest news and experience in the use of the underground. This time we want to show our various use of rock caverns, thus the title “Norwegian Rock Caverns”.

One good reason for selecting this topic and title, is that next year, 2017, the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) will take place in Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. And the slogan for the congress is “Surface Challenges, – Underground Solutions.” As we expect that many of the readers of this publication will take part in the WTC in Bergen, we have included examples of rock caverns located in or near Bergen, -Bergen known as “The city with seven mountains.” Technical excursions to many of these caverns will be offered to the WTC participants.