Norwegian Tunnelling Society is the English language home page of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF), the professional association of the rock blasting and tunnelling industry of Norway. The home page is operated by NFF in co-operation with NTNU and supported by a number of prominent companies and institutions involved in the industry.



  • Singapore 18-20 November 2015 TBM DiGs

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  • Atlantic t 01

    Tunnelling problems and how these problems were solved

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  • Arild Palmstrom 2014

    Norwegian tunnel builders are the world’s best – a myth?

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  • The NFF Fall Conference No.52 on Rock Engineering Technology and Geotechnique.

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  • Approaching tunnel portal

    Subsea Tunnelling in Norway

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  • nyhetsbilde3_engelsk

    The Stad Naval tunnel – For protection of ships in extreme weather and sea conditions
    The Stad ocean is exposed for extreme weather conditions and is a dangerous stretch along the Norwegian coast.

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