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If you or your company works in the mining industry, maybe NFF is for you. As a member you will have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts in the industry as well as taking part in the further development. As a member of the NFF, you get to participate in an industry joint venture consisting of more than 1000 professionals and a 100 companies. You will take part in the work on promoting the use of the bedrock, and you will have the opportunity to participate in NFF’s activities. However, we have to admit that most of our activity is in Norway and in Norwegian.

Become a member

Submission to NFF

Below you will find a registration form, both electronic and downloadable. If you want to use a paper version, just download it and print it. Send it to us. The contact information is on the form.

The association is the rock technology industry’s foremost forum for professional development. NFF’s laws state that all “persons with an interest in rock blasting technology or related fields” can become members. It is also possible for companies, agencies or institutions to become members. The requirement for these is that they belong to one of the following categories:

  • Strengthen safety, health and the environment
  • Promote sustainable exploitation of the bedrock
  • Contribute to innovation in the industry
  • Recruit, educate and develop professionals
  • Encourage sharing of knowledge and cooperation nationally and internationally

By becoming a member of NFF you recieve:

  • Reduced prices for courses, conferences and travels for work
  • News and reports
  • Opportunity to actively develop and influence the industry
  • Ability to market you / your company nationally and internationally
  • Invitation to attend collegiate meetings


For members and member companies, it is possible to sign a support membership in the association’s international committee. This allows you or your company to participate in the association’s international activities. For more information, see International Committee. To sign up for such a support membership, contact the International Committee directly. You will find contact addresses on their pages.