International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for bringing international knowledge into NFF, and disseminating Norwegian knowledge abroad. The preparation and publication of the English publications is the responsibility of this committee. They are also responsible for preparing the basis for any board decisions NFF will make in connection with ITA. The committee has the editorial responsibility for our English websites on Any participation in business delegations abroad is organized through the International Committee.

International Committee

The stearing group:

  • Sindre Log, The Robbins Company, leader
  • Anne Kathrine Kalager, Bane NOR
  • Werner Stefanussen, Rambøll
  • Thor Skjeggedal, Skjeggedal Construction Services
  • Ruth Gunlaug Haug, Cowi
  • Tone Nakstad, NFF

The broader committee:

  • The stearing group
  • Alv Hanstvedt, Giertsen Tunnel
  • Kjell Sætrevik, Skanska
  • Øyvind Engelstad, SN Power
  • Ola Woldmo, Normet
  • Arnnulf Hansen, AMH Consult
  • Per Gunnar Andersen, AMV
  • Einar Broch
  • Jan G. Rohde, Sweco
  • Eivind Grøv, Sintef
  • Elisabeth Grasbakken, Multiconsult
  • Leon Eide, Oslo VAV
  • Ivar Andersen, IFA
  • Roger Olsson, NGI
  • Frode Nilsen, LNS
  • Knut Garshol
  • Rolf Blomberg, Epirock
  • Gunnar Gjæringen
  • Heidi Lauvåsen, VikØrsta
  • Anne-Lise Berggren, Geofrost
  • Hans Olav Hognestad, Mapei
  • Rune Andresen, Protan
  • Joakim Navestad Hansen, Oslo VAV
  • Aida Tusha, LNS

Norwegian Tunnelling Network

Norwegian Tunnelling Network, NTN, is a network established by some of the members in the Norwegian Tunnelling Society. NTN encourages and coordinates commercial export of Norwegian Tunneling Technology to the international markets. NTN is a seperate organization with its own board and web-site: