Young Members

Young Members is responsible for contributing to the recruitment work and has students and younger members as its main target group. This is done through both social and professional events and direct recruitment measures related to schools and universities.

Young Members

The Founding of Young Members

The Young Members in NFF was founded in 2010 to create a network for the younger people in the industry. Gradually, recruitment to the industry has also become an important area of ​​work. This has been a success, and NFF’s Board sees that Young Members contributes to creating innovation in the way we work and the offer we can give our members.

The Board of Young Members consists of:

  • Kristian Kristoffersen Dahl, NGI (leader)
  • Joakim Navestad Hansen, BaneNOR
  • Anne-Line Ferstad, Sweco
  • Aida Tusha, Lundgrens
  • Åshild Hamre, Student representative UiO
  • Rolf Martin Myrlund, LNS
  • Helle Ragnete Fyhn Nilsen, Skanska
  • Chatrine Gremmertsen, Student representative UiO
  • Christian Haugen Svendsen, BeverControl
  • Ingrid Margrethe Olaisen Hagen, Rambøll
  • Marcus Fritzø Lawton, Multiconsult
  • Marit Bergsland Hansen, BaneNOR
  • Ingrid Skjønborg, Student representative NTNU