Evening meeting about the Emerald Book

NFF continues to offer evening meetings for free to everybody that find the topic interesting. No need for registration, just join the meeting through the enclosed link. The meeting starts 17.00 15th of April

Evening meeting about the Emerald Book

The course has been


April 15 2021



«The Emerald Book – the solution to dealing with ground conditions in contracts?»

The International Committee in NFF, continues to arrange our short events with handpicked topics we think is interesting for many of our members. This time we will have the opportunity to get a better understanding of the Emerald book, which is developed in recent years and has become a known standard for how to handle risk in construction projects.

We are happy to introduce an international presenter, Mr Hannes Ertl, with deep knowledge about FIDIC and the Emerald Book. Afterwards, Øyvind Engelstad will give us his insight in his use of this system, compare it to what we do in Norway, and his view of strengths and weaknesses of the Emerald Book.

Hannes Ertl, Managing Director, D2 Consult International GmbH

Hannes Ertl was appointed by FIDIC to the joint FIDIC-ITA Task Group 10, responsible for the drafting of the recently published FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Underground Works (the Emerald Book). Hannes is currently chairman of the task group, and is coordinating the preparation of the Contracts Guide.

Hannes has 20 years of professional experience in the site supervision, design, construction and contract management of Underground Works in many parts of the world (Asia, India, Arabia, Europe, North America, and South America). He obtained his MSc in Engineering Geology from University of Graz/Austria and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

In order to be able to further support clients through disputes and conflict situations, Hannes is currently completing training to become a Professional Master of Mediation. The knowledge gained from working with Contractors, as the Engineer, and as consultant to the Owner has given Hannes a good understanding of the different points of view on a project, where the parties have one goal, but different targets to achieve.

The Title of his Speech:

“Emerald Book: the Geotechnical Baseline Report and the concept of unforeseeable physical conditions”

Øyvind Engelstad, Senior Vice President Execution – Hydropower Portfolio Manager, Scatec ASA

Øyvind Engelstad, former president of The Norwegian Tunnelling Society. He is now working for Scatec ASA as SVP Hydropower Portfolio with responsibility for structuring (organisation, procurement and contracting) and execution (construction) of all hydropower projects which are situated in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has extensive experience both from the Norwegian and international projects involving extensive tunnelling and underground works, we look forward to hear his prospective on FIDIC/Emerald book and how the principals have been implemented and the required modification needed to suit the project framework and different cultures around the world.

Øyvind Engelstad has obtained his MSc in Civil Engineering from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science in Trondheim.

The Title of his Speech: 

“Experiences with implementation of Emerald Book principals in Non-Recourse Financed Hydropower Projects in the Developing World”